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This is the barticical chestpress circuit for Monolith (Monolith) series.Monolith is a 100 % Italian machine born out of a non-biomechanical study of the bio mechanics, on the top-level model of the Selectron Machine provided by Panatta (Panatta).A beautiful style with a high level of luxury is in a train room.It is appreciated in various scenes, such as fitness clubs, public facilities, hotels, and so on, in a elegant atmosphere.

[Product Overview]
-Target the machine
● The operation of a circular track
-A selective pin of magnetic selectivity -
● With illustrations of how to use it

[Product Features]
-Weight adjustable in units of 2.5kg -
Plate storage integrated with machines -
○ Plating a preloaded lever
● The height of a bench seat with a gas assist can be adjusted.
Multiple Hands Grip -
An independent arm can also be used to exercise one arm and one arm.

[Product Specification]
Width: 135 cm
Depway: 145 cm
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 310 Kg
Adjunct plate weight: 100 kg
Optional, up to 120 Kg

* Panatta (Panatta) training machines/instruments can be used for frame and sheet color customization only in order to produce orders.If you wish to customize it, please apply it at the time of your order.

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