Urethane Pro Series Plate (Color)

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Urethane bumper plates were manufactured by American Barbell for the first time in the world, in plates that are full of functions, design and durability (patented).

This bumper plate is particularly robust and clears 100,000 drop tests from 2M height. Quality is a highest class, and has a bright and lively colored color because it uses German urethane.

Logo and weight marks are molded in color, so the design is high and you want to use it for a long time.

140 mm hard chrome center hubs have a hard integration structure, making the bar easy to insert, and the sleeve is chamfered to be less likely to be reduced.

This plate can also customize the logo, so you can create an original plate for companies and clubs. If you wish, please contact us separately. (It costs a large number of orders because it costs the manufacturing cost of the mold)

All price notation will be the price of pairs (2 sheets).

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 5 kg to 25 kg
Diameter: 450 mm
Hole diameter: 50 mm
Production Country: China
Plate thickness:
5 kg 35mm (no center hub)
10 kg 40mm
15 kg 46mm
20 kg 53mm
25kg 58mm

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