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Kabuki StrengthTransformers bar swept the world as a novel design barbell three years ago, enabling squats at various angles and strengths. It is now highly regarded in the strength industry and has been installed in thousands of home gyms, commercial gyms, clinics and college weight rooms.

The newly redesigned Transformer Bar is a patent-pending specialty bar, the biggest feature of which is the ability to adjust the center of gravity of the weight with respect to the lifter. How to apply the load by this,Kinetic mechanicsYou can get various training effects by giving a change to. It is designed to be easy to use for professionals (competition and rehabilitation), commercial use and home gyms.

Engineers have addressed the basic issues of the previous version and have significantly improved usability. We also succeeded in lowering the price. This process of continuous improvement is the basis of our product and engineering philosophy. The main improvements in the new Transformer Bar are:

  • The new spring pin mechanism allows you to quickly change the angle without removing the weight bracket as in previous versions.
  • The sleeve design has been improved for quick adjustment from the outside of the bar.
  • Galvanized center bar, handles and weight brackets improve corrosion resistance.
  • Color-coded labels allow users to quickly adjust their position.
  • The wide 54-inch (1371 mm) center bar allows you to hang on all standard racks.
  • The pad cover is engraved with the "Transformer Bar" and the Kabuki Strength logo.
  • Lower price compared to previous versions

【Product Specifications】
Brand: Kabuki Strength
Barbell type: Multifunctional squat bar
Country of manufacture: USA, Portland
Overall length: 2305mm
Weight: 25kg
Sleeve length: 400mm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Finish: Galvanized (sleeve is black dyed)
Maximum loading weight: Approximately 680 kg
Pad material: High density foam
Pad cover material: Synthetic leather
Can be hung on a general rack

[Feature 1] Adjustable camber angle and sleeve height

The transformer bar can adjust the camber angle and sleeve height (distance from the center). With 6 different camber angles and 4 different sleeve heights, a total of 24 combinations are possible. The label affixed to the bar visually indicates each position (camber angle) and difficulty (distance from the center). This bar is designed to be easy to use even for inexperienced people.

spring pinmechanismAllows adjustment in 6 positions (30 degrees each). By adjusting these 6 positions, you can perform the following squat movements.

  1. Hip Hinge-Great for teaching good mornings and hinge patterns
  2. Back squat-rover
  3. Back squat-high bar
  4. SSB-Traditional Safety Squat Bar
  5. Front squat-Load balance similar to front squat
  6. Goblet Squat-Kettlebell Feels like a Goblet Squat

Another adjustment mechanism allows you to change the position of the weight sleeve. As shown on the label attached to the weight bracket, it is possible to increase or decrease the difficulty level in 4 steps.

  1. Easier
  2. Easy
  3. Hard
  4. Harder

In addition, the current model allows the sleeve to be adjusted from the outside of the bar. (In previous versions, the sleeve had to be inserted from the inside of the bracket and the entire sleeve had to be fully inserted before locking in place)

[Feature 2] Angled handle with knurling

The handle is knurled and angled for maximum training performance. Angled handle provides comfort on the lifter's back and shoulders, allowing you to train in a stable and most powerful position. Maximize shoulder stability when designing handle bends. I aimed for something that fits the lifter's body in order to enhance it. The handle spacing is 12 inches (about 30.5 cm), which can comfortably accommodate as many people as possible.

[Feature 3] Comfortable shoulder pads

The transformer bar has a high density foam core inside the pad, making it very gentle on the back of the lifter. In addition, it is significantly more durable than previous versions.

This foam core fits snugly into the synthetic leather pad cover and can be easily removed for cleaning etc. if needed.

The handle of the transformer bar is longer than that of a traditional safety bar, which allows you to obtain a more neutral spinal position, improving spinal stability and intra-abdominal pressure. For short handles, you need to raise your elbows and rotate your shoulders accordingly.It was difficult to maintain an upright body, especially for athletes with restricted exercise.

[Feature 4] Barbells made by athletes for athletes

The currently patent-pending Transformer Bar was developed by athletes from multiple disciplines at the Kabuki Strength Lab. The bar has been updated four times so far, commercial gyms and sportsIt is designed for use in a variety of situations, including team and home use.

Transformers bars are especially popular with sports teams. This type of specialty bar reduces the risk of injury andYou can change the pattern of movement while increasing safety. Equipped with a spring pin mechanism, you can quickly adjust the angle and difficulty between athletes even during a team training session. Hundreds of college and professional sports teams use Transformers Bars (and Duffalo Bars) as an alternative to popular straight Olympic bars.

* The arrival time is scheduled for February-March 2021, so please make a reservation with plenty of time.
The shipping fee will be 3000 yen nationwide (excluding Okinawa and remote islands).

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