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Material: Black(Black Oxide Finish)
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【Product Specifications】
Brand: Kabuki Strength
Barbell type: Trap bar
Country of manufacture: USA, Portland
Overall length: 1956mm
Depth: 59.7 cm
Weight: 30kg
Sleeve length: 43.2cm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Handle diameter: 26 mm and 38 mm are included
Distance between handles: Adjustable in 3 types: 58.4 cm, 63.5 cm, 68.9 cm
Handle finish: zinc plating
Knurling roughness: medium
Finishing: Semi-glossPowder coating
Sleeve finish: Zinc (transparent)
Maximum loading weight: Approximately 680 kg
High corrosion resistance

[Feature 1] Adjustable handle width

Trap bar HDEquipped with the industry's first variable handle system, the handle width can be adjusted in 23 inches, 25 inches and 27 inches by using a replaceable handle bracket. A 25-inch bracket is included with the regular purchase, and 23-inch and 27-inch brackets are sold separately (please contact us separately).

[Feature 2] Built-in bar jack

For Trap Bar HDIt is equipped with a built-in bar jack, which allowsSince the plate part can be floated, it is very easy to attach and detach the plate. It is designed for easy transition from horizontal to vertical with minimal effort for any user. It also has legs with treads for stability when the bars are placed vertically.

[Feature 3] Replaceable grip

By default, Trap Bar HD comes with two sets of zinc-finished knurled grips. The grips can be easily replaced to suit your training needs. 1-inch and 1.5-inch grips are included, and 2-inch grips are sold separately (please contact us separately).

[Feature 4] Well-balanced design

Visualize a regular trap bar with a low handle (see figure). The bar is flat and extends along the X and Z axes. The handles are usually centered at the center of gravity (COM) and the center of rotation (COR), so if the bar is centered at two points along the X axis where the handle is located, it will be balanced. Theoretically, if you use the low handle to hold the regular trap bar in the center, you should feel balanced (upper left). However, in reality, the low handle is always unstable with the bar tilting forward and backward, and you need to use the force of your wrist to balance it. The high handle does not have this problem and the bar itself is less likely to rotate back and forth (bottom left in the figure). Also, as an extreme example, when deadlifting with a high-handle trap bar, turning the bar upside down will cause the center of rotation to be 6 inches below the center of gravity. In this case, the bar can easily rotate and fall with only a small movement (upper right of the figure).

With Trap Bar HD, there is a slight shift to the low handle (I made 1/2 inch) and placed it slightly higher than the center line of the bar (lower right of the figure). This willIt provides the same stability as a high handle. The bar tends to return to the center without rotating back and forth.

Imagine a seesaw. Seesaws are essentially imbalanced, just like regular low-handle trap bars. But think of a swing. The center of rotation is much higher than the center of gravity and always tries to return to the center.

[Feature 5] Open design trap bar

For Trap Bar HD, we decided to open one end of the bar while maintaining a balanced design to make it a versatile training device. This open design allows for variations that go far beyond typical deadlifts such as farmer's carry, split squats, RDLs and lunges.

The Instagram post below introduces various movement variations using Trapbar HD.


[Feature 6] Machined sleeve

Unlike most hex bars on the market, Trap Bar HD isIt features a 17-inch sleeve that is machined and galvanized.

Many hex barsUse off-the-shelf DOM tubing, which is smaller in diameter than the standard Olympic Games, to reduce costs. This sleeve makes it incompatible with all standard colors.

Another disadvantage of this is that the plate does not fit into the smaller sleeves, causing plate movement, rattling and noise.

Our sleeves are machined to the same standards as other standard barbells, so they fit snugly on the plate and are compatible with standard barbell collars. In addition, the sleeve is removable and can be compactly packed for shipping.

* The arrival time is scheduled for February-March 2021, so please make a reservation with plenty of time.
* The shipping fee will be 3000 yen nationwide (excluding Okinawa and remote islands).

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