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【Product Specifications】
Brand: Kabuki Strength
Barbell Type: Trap Bar
Country: USA, Portland
Total length: 1956 mm
Depth: 59.7 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Sleeve length: 43.2 cm
Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
Handle diameter: 29 mm
Distance between handles: 58.4 cm, 63.5 cm, adjustable with 3 types of 68.9 cm
Handle finish: stainless
Laurel's roughness: moderate
Finish: Semi-glossPowder coating
Sleeve finish: Zinc (transparent)
Maximum loading weight: about 680 kg
High corrosion resistance

[Feature 1] Adjusting the handle width

Trap bar HDWith the industry's first variable handle system, you can adjust the handle width with 23 inches, 25 inches, 27 inches by using replaceable handle brackets. Normal purchase comes with a 25-inch bracket, 23 inches, 27-inch brackets will be sold separately.

[Feature 2] Built-in-bar jack

Trap bar HDBuilt-in inverge is equipped withBecause the plate part can float, the plates are removed very easy. It is designed to easily migrate from horizontal to vertical states with minimal effort to be usable regardless of the user. Also, it has a tread leg to have stability when the bar is located vertically.

[Feature 3] Replaceable grip

Trap Bar HD adds two sets of grips with stainless steel finish. Grips can be easily exchanged to the training needs. A 29 mm grip is included, 1 inch, 1.5 inches and 2 inch grips are sold separately.

【Feature 4】 Balanced design

Visualize the normal trap bar in the low handle (see figure). The bar is planar and extends to the X axis and the Z axis. The handle is usually placed in the center of gravity (COM) and the rotation center (COR), so if the bar is fixed at the center at two points along the X-axis with the handle, balance can be balanced. In theory, when holding a normal trap bar in the center using a low-handedle, you should feel balanced (in the upper left). But in fact, the low-handedle needs to be balanced with the force of the wrist and using the force of the wrist. There is no problem in the high handle, and the bar itself will be less likely to rotate back and forth (shown left below). Also, as an extreme example, when you do a deadlift with a high-handle trap bar, the reverse of the bar will be 6 inches of the center of gravity. In this case, the bar is easily rotated and dropped with a small movement.

Trap bar HD, slight off the lowhandle (A 1/2 inch) was made and arranged slightly higher than the center line of the bar (lower at right). This willThe same stability as the high handle is obtained. The bar tends to return to the center without rotating before and after.

Please think about the seesaw. The seesaw is essentially unbalanced in the same way as a normal low-handed trap bar. But think about the swing. The center of rotation is much higher than the center of gravity and always try to return to the center.

[Feature 5] Open design trap bar

Trap Bar HD decided to open one end of the bar while maintaining a balanced design to make a highly versatile training instrument. This open design allows farmers carry, split squat, RDL, and ranges, and more variations of general deadlift, such as RDL, and ranges.

The following instum posting shows variations of various movements using trap bar HD.


[Feature 6] Machine processed sleeve

Unlike most hex bars that are on the market, trap bar HDIt has a 17-inch sleeve with machine processing and galvanized and galvanized.

Many hex barsFor the purpose of reducing costs, use a modified DOM tube with a diameter than the standard Olympics. This sleeve is not compatible with all standard colors.

Another disadvantage of this is that the plate is moving, but noisy, because the plate does not fit into a small sleeve.

Our sleeve is machined in the same standard as other standard barbells, so it fits snugly and is compatible with standard barbell colors. The sleeve can also be removed and compactly combined for delivery.

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