Caddy Lac Bar

Kabuki StrengthSKU:KS-KAD

Material: Silver(Zinc Finish)
Selling price¥75,900




【Product Specifications】
Brand: Kabuki Strength
Barbell Type: Specialty Benchver
Country: USA, Portland
Total length: 2210 mm
Weight: 20 kg
Sleeve length: 42.5 cm
Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
Handle diameter: 32 mm
Finish:  Powder coating
Sleeve finish: Zinc
High corrosion resistance
105.4 cm-137.1 cm rack width can be applied
※ BLACK OXIDE FINISH can be used in humid places, as much as possible, and after use, it can prevent rust by adjusting the removal of the sleeve, wiping the water, and coating anticorrosion oil regularly.

Various training using a caddy lak bar

Dimension of Caddy Lack Bar

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