T grip double angle handlebar

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The T Grip Double Angle Handle Bar is a barbell equipped with two angles grip, reducing the stress on the elbows and shoulders.

This solid end is a type that does not rotate because the sleeve and the main body are integrated. The shaft is a black zinc finish.

The diameter of the handle is about 32mm and fits most business racks.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 13kg
Total length: 2130mm

Diameter of the handle: 31.75mm
Between grips: 300mm inside from outside to 600mm outside from outside
Sleeve diameter: 45mm
Safe maximum load: 230kg
Lowlet: Agreas
Color: Black
Country of origin: China

* This product cannot be fixed with a clip -type 50mm color because the sleeve diameter is slightly thinner than the normal Olympic bar. We recommend that you purchase our Strongman color or commercially available screw -type color.

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