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The American barbell safetyquat bar is the best tool for those who want to enhance the muscles and body stability of the whole body and want to do a high -load lift.

It is a good dish for players who can move the body, players who can not move their shoulders, elbows, and wrists, and players in recovery/rehabilitation.

By using it regularly, not only squats but also deadlift records will be extended.

This safetyquatred bar can be used in all types of squats, lunge, good morning, and backrays, and is also effective in training back muscles.

Article: How to use and benefits the safetyque bar bar 

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 24kg
Total length: 2160mm

Shaft part length: 1300mm
Sleeve length: 390mm
Sleeve diameter: 48.5mm
Shaft diameter: 38mm
Color: Black
Country of origin: China

Please be sure to read the following note before ordering. ]

* The attached bolt is two for four holes. As a result, the handle part can be opened slightly outside, but it is not a bad product.

* We will not accept any returns other than the product failure, so please order before ordering.

* This product cannot be fixed with a clip -type 50mm color because the sleeve diameter is slightly thinner than the normal Olympic bar. We recommend that you purchase our Strongman color or commercially available screw -type color.

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