Calibration steel plate

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Includes: 10KG Plates - Pair
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The rogue fitness calibration steel plate is a durable plate with a weight error within ± 10g of accuracy.

Each plate is cut thinly so that up to 700 kg can be set, and is color -coded so that the weight can be identified at a glance. On the back is a calibration plug that enhances accuracy.

Please note that this product has a 50mm inner diameter of the plate hole so that it fits the barbell perfectly, and may not fit in a cheap barbell.

The price notation is all paired (2 sheets).

【Product Specifications】

Weight: 10kg to 25kg
Hole diameter: 50.4mm
10kg 325mm
15kg 400mm
20kg 450mm
25kg 450mm
Plate thickness:
10kg 21mm
15kg 21mm
20kg 22.5mm
25kg 27mm
Cast iron power lifting KG plate
Within weight error within ± 10g
Calibration plug on the back of the plate to increase accuracy
A thin plate that can be set up to 700kg
IPF official recognition

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