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ARSENAL STRENGTH's multi -flex is designed to train all major muscles. It features multiple handle options, adjustable range rimiter, foldable squat roller pad, and arms that move in various directions. This allows him to exercise more than 30 types of whole body. The frame color can be customized according to your request.

Product Specifications】
-Ams that move in multiple directions
-Folding 32mm Lowlet handle
-The rotating handle
-The height adjustable range rimiter
-4 plate storage
-Alisted more than 30 kinds of exercises

Weight: 138kg
Dimensions: 178cm wide (122cm at delivery) x depth 166cm x height 74cm

* ARSENAL STRENGTH (Arsenal Strength) training machines/equipment can be customized only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering. The color of the frame and seat is usually all black.

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