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The linear leg press of Arsenal Strength is very sturdy and cannot be compared with others. The maximum maximum weight is about 1040 kg, so you can put a sufficient amount of plate in training. It is an indispensable machine for the gym, and if you experience this design and function, you will rarely buy it and regret it. In addition, a large size foot plate is also characteristic, which allows you to aim for various muscles. It is also possible to customize the frame and pad color according to the gym design.

Product Specifications】
-The slope 35 degrees plate road leg press
-7 gauge, 10cm x 5cm main frame
-Lumbar support sheet with a slope of 20 degrees
-The backrest of the seat can be adjusted freely
-Equipped with band pegs on the back
-Large -sized foot plate
-Benous 13cm circular calf blocks are built in the thread
-4 plate storage pin

Weight: 343kg
Dimensions: 170cm wide (including plate pin) x depth 264cm x height 127cm

* ARSENAL STRENGTH (Arsenal Strength) training machines/equipment can be customized only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering. The color of the frame and seat is usually all black.

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