Multiple adjustable bench

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The US Barbell Multiple Adjustable Bench is a very sturdy bench for business use and is useful in many gyms and training centers.

Because the pad part is wide, safe training is possible regardless of physique. With high rigidity and stability, it can withstand high -strength training.

The bench can be adjusted at 0 to 75 degrees (6 levels), and one bench can adapt to various exercises.

【Product Specifications】

Height: 46cm in horizontal time 135cm
Width: 71cm (rear leg)
Length: 122cm
Pad width: 30cm
Pad thickness: 6.3cm
Weight: 54kg
Load capacity: 350kg
Country of origin: China

Adjustable at 0 to 75 degrees (6 levels)
The angle of the seating part can also be changed (1 step)

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