Monster Light Harfallac

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Rogue Fitness Monster Light Harfallac is a half -rack that is more practical than a standard power rack, while it is more practical than a squat stand.

A 229.6cm height pillar is composed of 3x3 inch 11 gauge steel with a hole with a 5/8 -inch number, and is a medium gloss black finish.

The following is included as standard.
● Rogue name plate/Back cross member X1
● Single skinney front pull -up bar X1
● Plate storage x8 (can be installed up to 31.75cm)
● Monster light J cup set x1
● Monster Light Spotter Arm Set X1
● Band peg set x1
● Front foot with an angle that keeps stability

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 149.7kg
Height: 229.6cm
Width: 124.5cm inside the pillar, 134.6cm outside of the pillar (foot plate), end from the end of the plate pin 193.7cm
Depth: 139.7cm (including front foot)
Occupational space: 134.7cm (193.7cm including plate pin) x139.7cm
3 inch x3 inches, 11 gauge frame
Front foot with an angle that keeps stability, attachment
Made in the United States

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