Standing Lateral Raise

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Arsenal Strength's standing Laterteral Raise is one of the most popular products. Standing Lateral Raise has a unique custom design that can be used with both arms or one arm. Equipped with a comfortable rotating handle with the entire motion range. Standing Lateral Raise has a pivot point on the work arm so that users of various heights can be used.

【Product Specifications】
-200 pound weight stack
-The training is possible for both the left and right or one of the side
-The rotating handle that enables comfortable operation
-Equipped with a rotating axis for the arm (compatible with users of various heights and body size)
-The space saving

Weight: 217kg
Dimensions: 70cm wide x depth 130cm x height 160cm

* ARSENAL STRENGTH (Arsenal Strength) training machines/equipment can be customized only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering. The color of the frame and seat is usually all black.

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