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Arsenal Strength's glute isolators are ideal for training with gluteus maximus (glute) with an ergonomic design. Because the position of the upper body can be adjusted, it is possible for any height to perform the correct operation. The large foot plate and the 45 -degree kick angle promote the maximum shrinkage of the gluteal muscles.

【Product Specifications】
-200 pound weight stack
-Equipped with knee pads
-Elbo pads that can be adjusted according to their height
-Kebuler belt drive
-As guarantee safe operation with non -slip material

Weight: 279kg
Dimensions: 109cm wide x depth 224cm x height 180cm

* ARSENAL STRENGTH (Arsenal Strength) training machines/equipment can be customized only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering. The color of the frame and seat is usually all black.

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