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The technique plate, which is the key to all weightlifting programs, has been shocked to the market and the weightlifting industry. 10 years later, this plate has proved a sturdy and reliable item.

The technique plate is a lightweight plate with a patented, and uses playback plastic for synthetic materials. Thanks to this, the plate is very lightweight, but the size is the same as the Olympic size plate. Therefore, it is suitable for teaching technology with a light plate. The material is hard to break, and if it is used correctly, it will not break many times.

The material playback plastic is manufactured from waste from the United States, which is also useful for reducing garbage. Costs are reduced while converting waste into strength.

The technique plate is recommended for all athletes who want to enhance their athletic ability in addition to the heavy players.

The price notation is all paired (2 sheets).

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 2.5kg, 5kg
Diameter: 450mm
Vehicle: 50mm
Country of origin: USA
Sturdy integrated structure
The size and shape of the tournament standard
Available for any Olympic barbell
Use regeneration material

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