Farmers walk handle (pair)

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American barbell farmers walk handle is a durable product and does not break even if used for a long time.

The surface with a powder coat enhanced and the Farmers Walk handle with a 28 cm long sleeve is a product that can be recommended for all levels of sportsmen.

It can be used not only for normal plates but also on large bumper plates.

It will be sold in two sets.

【Product Specifications】
Weight (per bottle): 11kg
Length: 152cm
Handle diameter: 3.3cm
Sleeve length: 28cm
Sleeve diameter: 4.85cm
Color: Black
Country of origin: China

* This product cannot be fixed with a clip -type 50mm color because the sleeve diameter is slightly thinner than the normal Olympic bar. We recommend that you purchase our Strongman color or commercially available screw -type color.

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