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It will be a self -propelled treadmill of the ECOLINE series.PanattateethEcoline, a completely energy -free cardio fitness machine series, has been designed. It is a very large machine that can be used for both commercial and home gyms.

[Product characteristics]
● Wide running surface
48x170cm wide running surface
● Designed with smooth and quietness
118 ball bearings ensure smoothness and quietness during driving.
● Shock absorption system
The driving surface of a rubber with a strong grip enhances the load on the joints and improves the stability during driving.
● 7 -stage load level
At 7 levels of load level from normal running to push operationControl the system.
● Advanced safety
Notification of correct training posture on the belt and prevention of reverse movement.
● Multi -device support
Both tablets and smartphones can be mounted on the machine.
● Large bottle holder
● Comfortable driving feeling
The back wheels and the rear handle allows you to move fast and comfortably.
● Overwhelming sturdy and durability
The weight is 217 kg, which is the largest stability during high strength training.
● Long life and maintenance
Do not need a lubricantUse a belt and a long life material.
● Multi grip handle
Two front handles (low/high) and both sides that enable various push operations
● Options: Display with LCD screen
Parameters: Speed, time, distance, calories. Heart rate monitor/ POLAR compatibility.

【Product Specifications】
Depth: 190cm
Width: 90cm
Height: 155cm
Weight: 217kg
Running area dimensions: 48 x 170cm
Load stage: 7 steps
Brake system: magnetic brake
Transmission system: Belt drive
Speed: freely adjustable (gear shifting according to the user)
Power: unnecessary
Bottle holder: Yes
Tablet Holder: Yes
Guarantee: 7 years frame exchange guarantee

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