5kg Technical Training Bar Economy

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The 5kg technical training bar economy is a standard 5kg bar for technique training such as weight lifting.

Both the shaft and the sleeve are made of high -quality aluminum and match the standards of the International Federation (IWF). The length between the colors is the same as the barbell for the tournament, so you can move to the tournament smoothly.

Since the strength of the shaft is inspected every time the raw material is arrived, the pulling strength of 40,000 pounds is always maintained. Due to these commitment to details, this product has the performance that can be used for a long time with peace of mind every day.

【Product Specifications】
Use: Waitlifting, technique training, strength training for beginners and women
Weight: 5kg
Length: 1835mm
Shaft part length: 1300mm
Sleeve length: 235mm
Shaft diameter: 25mm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Length between marks: 910mm

Central Lallet: None
Shaft: Aluminum
Sleeve: Aluminum
Tensile intensity: 40,000 PSI
Color: Silver
Country of origin: China

IWF specification

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