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【Product Specifications】
Brand: Kabuki Strength
Country of manufacture: USA, Portland
Overall length: 2413mm
Weight: 25kg
Sleeve length: 43.8cm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Knurling roughness: sharp
Material: Alloy Steel
Rotation mechanism: Bronze bushing
Maximum loading weight: Approximately 680 kg
End cap: Stainless steel with Kabuki logo
Color: silver

The Duffa Rover is the ultimate bar for proper, safe and high performance squats and bench presses. Thousands of gyms and S & C facilities around the world todayWith the introduction of the Duffa Rover, it has become one of the most popular specialty bars in the world. Dozens of MLB, NFL and NBA professional teams bring duffer rover to training facilityWe have introduced it. We believe that all lifters will benefit from using the Duffle Rover over the standard barbell.

The perfect duffer rover for squats

The characteristic of the Duffa Rover is the unique "bend" of the shaft part. This improves the contraction of the scapula and reduces stress on the tendons of the biceps, which are prone to shoulder inflammation. Reduces the direct strain on the tendons of the biceps, improves back stiffness by contracting the scapula and is appropriateBy keeping the joint centration, Helps prevent injuries.

In addition, this bar requires less shoulder mobility than a regular straight bar, which can improve the ability to generate core stability. Avoid excessive spinal extension and back squatNeutral in position (Neutrality) can be maintained. Many athletes and lifters have a spinalNeutralToIt reports an immediate improvement in its ability to maintain.

Overwhelming fit

Duffal RoverDue to its unique bend, it can carry the shaft in a very stable shape. The back is not flat, but contoured and round.If you have never used Duffa RoverPlease give it a try.

Also, the Duffa Rover sleeve is slightly upward rather than parallel. This is because the center of gravity similar to that of a straight bar can be reproduced by slightly changing the angle of the sleeve. The feeling when squatting is very similar, if not exactly the same as a straight bar. Duffal RoverYou can also get the benefits of a straight bar while taking advantage of its unique benefits.

It can also be used for front squats as well as high and rover. Interestingly,Front squatYou can see that the bar fits better and does not put much strain or pressure on the clavicle compared to a straight bar. Duffal RoverFor more information on crouching in Chris Duffin and Jesse BurdickThis about 9 minute discussion videoPlease refer to the.

With bracingImproves intra-abdominal pressure

Bracing is usIt is a very important factor that supports Kabuki Strength's idea of ​​exercise methodology. Creating intra-abdominal pressure and using the body's stabilizing mechanism to create a stiff torso that can transmit force is important in all muscle-based exercise. Duffal RoverUses to facilitate contraction of the scapula and mobilization of the latissimus dorsi muscles, resulting in a better position to support and stabilize the scapula.


ShoulderImprove impingement

Quite mobile for squats on the straverShoulder capsuleIs required. People with shoulder or biceps problems may experience pain during squats and may be in a bad posture trying to avoid it. The extreme external rotation required for straight bar back squats can cause shoulder impingement and biceps problems for many lifters, especially those that handle heavy weights. Please take good care of yourself with the Duffa Rover.

Effect of Duffle Rover on Bench Press

The bending of the shaft of the Duffle Rover optimizes the wrist angle when held in the press position. This will give you proper shouldersKeep the joint centration,The connection between the scapula and the latissimus dorsi is improved. Users have reported that they were able to significantly reduce shoulder pain despite the increased range of motion of the press.By using the Duffa Rover, BodyYou will automatically learn the correct press pattern.

Athletes and lifters around the world train in a variety of waysDuffal RoverWe have a training program that utilizes. Some people use it instead of a competition bench until a few weeks after the competition, in addition to the regular pressSecondary exercise (accessory movement)Some people use it as. Duffal RoverFor more information on bench presses usingThis about 8 minute discussion video by Chris Duffin and Jesse Burdick herePlease refer to the.


Commitment to detail

Duffal RoverIs hand-assembled by passionate Kabuki Strength members in Portland, Oregon. Each bar incorporates a squat face logo and a custom end cap engraved with the bar's name, weight and manufacturer. The bar is shipped in sturdy packaging and also comes with a handwritten card signed by the Kabuki Strength employee who assembled the bar.


Evaluation of Duffa Rover users

It is highly evaluated by the world's top athletes who love Duffa Rover.

"I wanted to share with you the secrets of success in my daily training. It's Kabuki Strength's Duffalo Rover. It's Duffalo. It's not Buffalo."

Yasmani Grandal, LA Dodgers MLB baseball player


"This bar is great. The wrists and shoulders feel great, and the weights are just in the pockets (above the center of gravity) to reduce the strain on your lower back and make all your muscles during training as intended."

Stan Reno Eferding, the strongest bodybuilder in the world

* The arrival time is scheduled for February-March 2021, so please make a reservation with plenty of time.
* Please note that the color of the barbell is silver.

* The shipping fee will be 3000 yen nationwide (excluding Okinawa and remote islands).

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