Dual Height Hex Bar

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The Dual Height Hex Bar is a very utilized product worth putting in any training facility, and is ideal for athletes who want to enhance the legs, hips, and back muscles while minimizing the burden on the waist.

It can also be used for those who are rehabilitating, for those who want to raise the deadlift, and can be used for shuts and squats.

It can be hung on a rack, can be used vertically or upside down.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 19kg
Total length: 2160mm
Grip diameter: upper 33mm, lower 42mm
Handle: 600mm
Sleeve length: 420mm
Sleeve diameter: 48.5mm
Lowlet: Agreas
Color: Black
Country of origin: China

* This product cannot be fixed with a clip -type 50mm color because the sleeve diameter is slightly thinner than the normal Olympic bar. We recommend that you purchase our Strongman color or commercially available screw -type color.

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