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It will be a touch panel type climb in the Fenix ​​(Phoenix) series. The FENIX series is a commercial cardio line that pursues the essence of design and technology. Realizes cost performance that Panatta (Panatta) can only do, and is used in fitness clubs, a sports gym and fitness clubs around the world.

[Product characteristics]
● 15 -inch LED display
● Equipped with an electrostatic capacity touch screen
● Mart Media: TV, music, video, web
● Various training programs
● Unlimited training profile
● Asset management: Sophisticated management panel
● Heart rate measurement: Hand sensor and POLAR heart rate monitor

[Product characteristics]
Level level: 1-32 (adjustable in 0.5 units)
size:145x85x205 cm
Weight: 220kg
Speed: 25-175 SPM
Step width: 46cm
Step depth: 25cm
Step height: 19.5cm
Necessary ceiling height: 300cm
Power supply:48 VDC, 5.8 A, 280 W
Power requirements: 100/240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 40? VA
Road system: electromagnetic
Driving system: chain belt
Guarantee: 7 years frame exchange guarantee
TV DVB-T H.264, IPTV: Installed as standard
TV DVB-C, ATSC:Optional can be mounted
Country of manufacture: Italy

* Panatta (Panatta) training machines/equipment can be customized for frames and seats only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering.

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