PHOENIX Squat rack 6 'With support number


Color: Black
Selling price¥186,250


Bridge Built (Bridge Bilt) PHOENIX squat rack 6 'with a support number.Bridge Built's squat rack is a foldable and is ideal for a small spaced home gym. Depth 122cmWill be.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 68kg (including J hook)
Load capacity: Approximately 450kg
Width: 125cm (31cm when folded
Depth: 122cm
Height: 191cm
Material: 3 inch x3 inches, 11 gauge frames
Parts: 3/4 inch Grade 8
Includes 1 pair J hook
With a pillar number
Compatible with attachments provided by Bridge Built
Country of manufacture: America
Under patenting

* Spotter arm is not included in this product.If you would like a Spotter arm, please order here separately.
* The color of the top image is Gloss Clear.
* Secondary color is usually black. The color specification will be a paid option, so if you wish, please contact us separately.

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