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Backwidow is a legendary professional bodybuilder,Flex wheeler (Designed by Flex Wheeler)It is a highly versatile attachment accessories.

This backwidow has 15 grip variations and can be quickly and easily changed depending on the application. Therefore, there is no need to purchase separate attachments for each event.

This product can also be used as a vertical and horizontal cable attachment of wowing events. OtherIt also functions as an event such as Land Mine Row or as a Burjackchi.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 4.2kg
Handle length (cGrip part of the character):10.8cm
The length of the handle (shaped)Grip part):14cm
Diameter of the handle: 3.2cm
Durable commercial grade powder coating
15 or more grip variations
Connectable with carabiner
Lightweight and convenient to carry

Highly versatile attachment

Backwidow can change the length of the grip without removing the attachment. The handle width can be adjusted in three stages, and it can be used not only for cables such as cable pull and T -barlow, but also for biceps and triceps cables.

Strong design

All movable parts have a 16,000 -pound (approximately 7260 kg) shelter, and can be kept in a heavy barbell. By using it as a Burjackchi, it is easy to change the plate.

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