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Included: 4LB
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Rest 5 Pieces


It is a beautiful ball made by sticking to the details and made with hand sewing. Heavy duty three-tier shells are well balanced and promise the highest durability. Wallball is outstanding and unlikely to slip with sweat.

Applicability is also very high, and we can respond to muscle strength, power, speed, trunk training, coordination, balance, rehabilitation. From the general public to sports players, any skill level can be used.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 30 pounds (about 1.8 km) to 30 pounds (about 14 km)
Diameter: 35.6 cm
Polite seam by hand sewing
Because it is a three-layer structure, no shell can be broken even if it is used for hinter
Even if you hit the wall or target for many years, the weight balance will not be broken

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