Stainless steel EZ curl gymbar

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The American Bar Bell Stainless steel EZ Carl Jimbar is an EZ bar for commercial gyms with high quality lowlets.

The shaft is made of high -quality stainless steel and is tested with a pull strength of 110,000 pounds per square (PSI). We adopt high -strength composite bushing so that you can get the best parfa mance at a high load.

Lowlets are very fine and have a mild touch but not slippery. Therefore, even a heavy weight training is reduced in damage to the palm.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 14kg
Total length: 1524mm
Shaft diameter: 28.5mm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Sleeve length: 260mm
Length between colors: 93cm
Shaft finish: Stainless steel
Tensile intensity: 110,000 PSI
Rotation mechanism: busshing type
Color: Silver
Country of origin: USA

[How to open packaging]
The US Olympic Bar of American Barbell is packed with aluminum lids. Insert the driver or the like between the lid cylinders and pull out the lid, or remove the lid using a tool such as pliers as shown in the video below.

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