American Barbell Series 4 Urethane Dumbbell

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Includes: 2kg pair
Selling price¥13,900
Rest 1 Pieces


The new Series 4 dumbbells feature a black urethane head, easy-to-read gray numerals, and a fine construction that makes them affordable.

The core is made of hard steel, the handle is plated with medium hardness hard chrome, and the head is fitted with fine urethane. The head has a larger outer diameter and inner diameter than before, so you can use it comfortably in any exercise, especially when you are in contact with the dumbbells.

High-quality urethane is extremely durable and can withstand any training environment unless it is treated extremely roughly. It's tougher than rubber dumbbells, but unlike rubber, urethane doesn't dry out and get damaged, and it doesn't smell.

It is one of the highest quality products on the market today and is designed to last for many years in a well-managed training environment. Choose a series 1 or 2 dumbbell if you anticipate a bit of heavy use or if your training ground isn't well managed.

【Product Specifications】
Handle type: straight, medium knurled
Tensile strength: 90,000 PSI
Grip diameter 2kg-16kg: 32mm 18kg-50kg: 35mm
Size: 2kg-50kg

All prices are in pairs.
The logo mark can be customized (minimum 20 pairs), so please contact us if you wish.

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