Series 2 Urethane Danbell

American BarbellSKU:DBAB2KG-02

include: 2kg pair
Selling price¥31,100


Series 2 Urethane Danbell has the same characteristics as the series 1, except for the skills of the spline handle that we have patented. The smooth head of the black urethane is engraved with a gray number that is easy to read, and the price is more affordable than in Series 1.

The core is made of hard steel, the handle is plated with a hard hard chromium, and the head is put on a German luxury urethane. It is also characterized by the ability to respond to wear.

Our luxury urethane is extremely durable and is glued to the steel core, unlike many dumbbells. The urethane does not dry and damage, and does not smell. It is one of the most durable dumbbells in the current market that can withstand harsh training environments.

This dumbbell can also customize the logo, so the original of the company and clubsYou can make a dumbbell. If you wish, please contact us separately. (The minimum purchase is 20 pairs)

The price notation is all paired.

【Product Specifications】
weight:2kg-60kg (2)KG chopped
Handle type: straight, medium rotary processing
Tensile intensity: 140,000 PSI
Grip diameter:
2-42kg → 32mm
Country of origin: China

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