Stainless Steel Precision Training Bar

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This is almost the same barbell as the stainless steel bearing bar with our competition, and the only difference is that the bushing type is used.

The shaft is a stainless steel that is precise and straight. Since the strength of the shaft is inspected every time the raw material is arrived, the pulling strength of 190,000 pounds is always maintained. Due to these commitment to details, this product has the performance that can be used for a long time, although it is wonderful and supple.

Stainless steel is excellent in rust and can be wiped or repaired at any time without damaging the surface. In addition, because the lowlet processing is applied, it realizes a unique hand that cannot be tasted with other finishes.

The sleeve is precise and does not break. The welded part is smooth, and the plate along the color does not become diagonal. Both sleeves are coated with hard chromium, so you can rest assured that they are dropped. The sleeve rotates smoothly, focusing on high -strength composite buying, which is used in the aircraft/automotive industry.

This product is perfect for those who can use it for multiple purposes and are looking for a precise barbell that lasts a long lasting.

Applications: Waitlifting,Crossfit, functional training, normal strength training
Weight: 20kg
Total length: 2200mm
Shaft part length: 1310mm
Shaft diameter: 28mm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Sleeve length: 415mm
Length between marks: 910mm
Central Lallet: None
Shaft finish: Stainless steel
Sleeve finish: hard chrome
Tensile intensity: 190,000 PSI
Rotation mechanism: busshing type
Color: Silver
Country of origin: USA
IWF specification
Patent number USD795971S

[How to open packaging]
The US Olympic Bar of American Barbell is packed with aluminum lids. Insert the driver or the like between the lid cylinders and pull out the lid, or remove the lid using a tool such as pliers as shown in the video below.

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