American Barbell Double Half Rack

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With 3×3 11 gauge steel and 3/4" brackets, this extremely rugged rack offers modular features and a wide range of customization possibilities. The J-type hook has a plastic cover on both the front and back, so barbells and posts are not shaved or damaged.
The American Barbell Double Half Rack has two pull-up and squat stations, so it's the best bench/squat rack for coaches who want to coach multiple players at the same time. Like our other racks and rigs, it's modular, which increases the variety of training. It is a product that performs wonderfully not only in small weight rooms, but also in affiliated gyms and large sports performance training centers.

[Product specifications]
Height: 229cm
Width: 122cm
Depth: 145cm
Weight: 251kg

3×3 11 gauge steel construction
With 3/4 inch metal fittings
Comes with 2 logo plates in the image
Modular, easy to scale and customize
Includes pull-up bar (2), J-type hook (2 pairs), utility pin (10 pieces)

If you want accessories separatelyFrom herePlease choose.

Safety Clues
At American Barbell, we are committed to providing our customers with the safest products and the best safety procedures. Read the safety guide for this product here.

※ Please note that the barbell and plate in the image are not included.
※ Because it is a heavy thing, there is a case to have the postage separately.

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