Double half rack

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Double half racks have two pull -up stations and squat stations, so it is the best bench/squat rack for coaches who want to teach multiple players at the same time.

It is an extremely sturdy rack that uses 3x3 11 gauge steel and 3/4 inch (about 1.9 cm) bracket, and has a wide range of customizations with module functions. The J -shaped hook has a plastic cover on both the front and back, so barbells and columns are not cut or damaged.

Like our other racks and rigs, it is a module type, so the variety of training increases. Not only small weight rooms, but also affiliated gyms and large sports performing training centers are a wonderful function.

The height of the pillar is also possible, so if you wish, please contact us separately.

【Product Specifications】
Weight: 251kg
Height: 229cm
Width: 122cm
Depth: 145cm
Country of origin: China

3x3 11 gauge steel structure
With 3/4 inch (about 1.9 cm) metal fittings
Two logo plates in the image are included
Easy to expand and customize with a module type
Includes pull -up bar (2), J type hook (2 sets), and utility pin (10)

Safety guide

* Please note that barbells and plates in the image are not included.
* Because it is a heavy object, additional shipping fee may be charged separately.

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