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The American Barbell Court Training Bar is a versatile, high -purpose barbell that can be used for almost all purposes. It is tested for daily hard training using heavy weights, and its value has been proved.

The shaft uses a precision polishing -finished alloy steel and inspects the raw materials every time it arrives.1910,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) The pulling strength of) is always kept. Due to these commitment to details, this product has the performance that can be used for a long time, although it is wonderful and supple. The shaft is processed with sera coat, and both are coated with hard chrome.

Like our other training bars, one of the features is a moderately gripped and pleasant lowlet. Sleeve is aircraft/It rotates smoothly, focusing on high -strength composite buying, which is used in the automotive industry.

Serakoat finish has been the world's highest level of Olympic barbells for many years.American barbellHowever, it is the latest innovative technology introduced with confidence, and there is no such competitive product that is hard to rust and is hard to be damaged. Serakoat is a finish used by major gunware manufacturers around the world and can withstand very harsh rusting environments. As a result of a corrosion test that sprays salt, the sera coat finish is chrome finish, and even stainless steel fruit.70We know that it lasts twice as long.

Our design team is18It has been innovating bar technology over a year, which is the most exciting result of among them. All finishes have their own stories, but we can say that our Serakoat Training Bar is an unparalleled product.

【Product Specifications】
Use: Waitlifting, cross fit, normal strength training
Weight: 20kg
Total length: 2200mm
Shaft part length: 1310mm
Shaft diameter: 28mm
Sleeve diameter: 50mm
Sleeve length: 415mm
Length between marks: 910mm
Central Lallet: None
Shaft finish: Sera coat
Sleeve finish: hard chrome
Tensile intensity: 190,000 PSI
Rotation mechanism: busshing type
Color: Silver
Country of origin: USA
IWF specification

[How to open packaging]
The US Olympic Bar of American Barbell is packed with aluminum lids. Insert the driver or the like between the lid cylinders and pull out the lid, or remove the lid using a tool such as pliers as shown in the video below.

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