High Strength Aluminum Rat Pull-Down Bar

American BarbellSKU:AT-LPB

Title: US Made High-Strength Aluminum Lat Pulldown Bar
Selling price¥26,900


The high-strength aluminum rat pull-down bar features a proprietary urethane handle for top-of-the-line grip. Durability is also outstanding, and you can use it habitually for a long time.

48 inches long
Made in the U.S.

About the safety of the product
At American Barbell, we are committed to providing our customers with the safest products and the best safety procedures. The metals and items used in our products need to be checked daily for wear conditions and, in some cases, re-tightened. If you see a small number of items that are loose or worn, discontinue use immediately. Please take regular care and dispose of products that are severely worn. This may lead to 100000000000000000 What is the safety hand about this product?From herePlease take a look. 

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