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The Arsenal Strength convolac is overwhelmingly high -quality products on the bench stands on the market. It can be used as a squat rack by moving a bench with casters as well as it can be used as a bench press base for competition. The standard roller J cup allows the bar to easily move the bar in the horizontal direction, preventing the bar damage even when the weight is heavy. A moderate grip bench seat is ideal for competing, and the safety bar isIt is easy to remove because it is equipped with a power slide. The ALPHA series is made of 7 gauge steel, so it is very sturdy, and you can customize colors according to the appearance and atmosphere of the installation location.

Product Specifications】
-A bench with thick pad casters
-The grip worksBench seat
-Roller J cup
-Power slide safety bar

Dimensions: 109cm wide (114cm at delivery) x depth 203cm (163cm at delivery) x height 178cm (147cm at delivery)
Weight: 240kg
Bench width: 30.5cm
Bench depth: 122cm
Bench height: 44.5cm
Safety length: 50.8cm
Bench hook height adjustment range: 75.8cm to 142cm
Squat hook height adjustment range: 109cm to 175cm

* ARSENAL STRENGTH (Arsenal Strength) training machines/equipment can be customized only for ordering to order. If you would like to customize, please let us know when ordering. The color of the frame and seat is usually all black.

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