Air bike

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It is an American barbell air bike. This product tested by NFL players and fitness athletes is perfect for all commercial gyms and home gyms.

[Product characteristics]
● Easy to move with built -in roller wheels
● Rurable steel frame that enhances safety
● Because it is smooth and very quiet with belt driving, it is suitable for indoor use such as gyms and houses.
● Adapt to all athletes and training levels
● Saddle design that is comfortable even for long workouts
● Adopt footrests that enhance training efficiency
Heat -treated pedals and crankshaft
Adopts a quick action handle that is easy to adjust the saddle

【Product Specifications】
Height: 149cm (from the top of the handle to the floor)
Depth: 150cm (seat height is the best)
Weight: 71kg (with weight limit up to 150kg)
Occupation space: 89cm x 76cm
Handle diameter: 3.8cm diameter handle with rubber grip

The outline of the console isHerefrom

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