● About cancellation of order
Cancellations for ordering for customer's convenience will be accepted within 12 hours of order. Please note that subsequent cancellations may be paid in full shipping and product price.

● About returned goods
We do not accept any returns for the buyer's reason. Returns are only available for shortage or damage, and the return deadline is within 30 days. If it has been over 30 days after the purchase, we will not accept refunds or exchanges for any reason. In addition, returned goods are limited to those who are unused and are the same as purchased. You also need to be packed in the original package. Depending on the situation, only a part of the refund may be allowed, but it will not be accepted if the purchaser's reasons are damaged or the parts are missing. Some products may need signs at the time of receipt. If the product cannot be received even in multiple redelivery, and the product returns to the sender (Strength Asia Joint Company), the buyer must bear the shipping cost for the shipping of the product.

● About refund
After returning the product, we will receive and inspect here. We will send you a return confirmation email as soon as you get a confirmation. We will also inform you whether or not refunds are possible. If the refund is possible, the refund procedure will be started promptly, and refund processing will be performed within 10 business days to the customer's credit card or the original payment organization.

About refund delay, default
If you can't confirm the refund, first check your bank account. If you cannot confirm the refund in your account, contact your credit card company (it may take some time to complete the refund process). If you can still confirm it, please contact the bank next. If the problem is not solved after doing all of theseUp to herePlease contact me.

● Sale products/Discontinued products
Sale products/production discontinued products are not eligible for refund. Refunds are limited to products sold at a fixed price. Please note that we do not accept sales products/production discontinued products.

● About exchanging products
We will only replace the product if there is a shortage or damage. If you would like to returnUp to herePlease contact me.