The Sales Partner System is a system in which partners can introduce and sell products handled by Strength Asia on our behalf and receive a portion of the sales from us. If you are considering introducing new training equipment, such as a home gym or an individual customer, as well as a sports gym or school facility, please introduce it to us.

1. No fees for membership fees are required

There are no fees such as membership fees when participating in the sales partner system. In addition, there is no monthly quota, so you can feel free to apply.

2. Diverse partner forms

Various partner forms are available upon request, such as contracts for each company and dealership contracts. Since the contract details are simple, you can start selling immediately without difficult procedures.

3. High rewards unique to equipment sales

Training equipment has a high unit price, and even small transactions can earn you high rewards. It is also possible to increase the compensation rate by meeting certain criteria established by our company, such as the number of cases and the scale of sales.

4. Participation is possible regardless of whether you are a corporation or an individual

You can apply for the sales partner system regardless of whether you are a corporation or an individual. Support is also substantial, so you can make money even if you don't have experience selling equipment.

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