This privacy policy is how to properly use, protect, and manage personal information obtained from customers through the website ( by the Strength Asian joint company (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). It is set. This privacy policy applies to websites provided by us, all products and services.

● About personal information
We acquire personal information from users in various ways as described below.

-When a user visits the site
-When registered on the website
-When ordering a product
-When subscribed to the newsletter

Users may be asked for information such as name, e -mail address, phone number, etc., but those personal information will only be acquired when the user sends information spontaneously. Users can always refuse to provide personal information.

● About non -personal information
We may get non -personal information about users when the user visits the site. Non -personal information includes technical information such as browser names, computers, operating systems, and Internet service providers.

● About browser cookies
This site may use cookies to improve user experience. The user's web browser leaves cookies on the hard disk for the purpose of saving history and tracking information. Users can set the browser to refuse the cookie, or set the alert when the cookie is sent. Please note that some of the websites may not work correctly in such cases.

● About the use of personal information
We may use it for the following purposes of personal information obtained from users.

-To improve customer service
-To improve user experience
-To know how much services and information provided on the website are used by users
-To improve the website
-For payment
-When you need personal information in answers to inquiries
-When it is needed for promotion, contest, and survey
-When distributing information we think is useful by email
-When regular emails are delivered

You may use your email address when contacting users for order. The same is true for answering inquiries. Users who agree to be registered in the mailing list may provide information on news and products from the company. If you would like to suspend the e -mail distribution, please stop from the guidance of the distribution suspension at the bottom of the email or contact us from the website.

● About protection of personal information
The Company adopts the appropriate method in collecting, storing, and using personal information, and prevents unauthorized access, leakage of personal information, falsification, and damage by thorough security measures. Personal information includes user name, password, payment information, etc.

When highly confidential information is exchanged between the site and the user, the encryption technology by SSL (Secure SocketS Layer) is used for the purpose of preventing a third -party eavesdropping on the way of communication. It also complies with PCI DSS to provide a secure environment as much as possible for users.

● About sharing personal information
We do not sell, trade, or lend users of users to others. However, statistical data that is not related to personal information such as visitors and users may be shared with partners and advertisers. In the business, a third -party service may be used when conducting a newsletter or questionnaire, which may share users information for a limited purpose.

● About third party
This site has advertisements that guide them to third -party (partners, suppliers, sponsors, advertisers, etc.) and other content. We are not involved in the content or links on those sites, and we are not responsible for all the tasks performed on those sites. In addition, these sites can always be changed. These sites may have their own privacy and customer service policy. In view of third -party browsing, follow the terms and policies of the site.

● Change of this privacy policy
We may be able to make changes in the privacy policy at any time. When making a change, the change date is described at the bottom of this page. It is recommended that users sometimes check this page and check the changes. The user agrees to be responsible for regularly checking the privacy policy.

● Agree to the above terms of use
By using the website, the user is deemed to agree to this privacy policy. If you can't agree with this policy, please refrain from using the website. Also, if you have been using the site continuously when there is a change in this policy, you will consider the change of those changes. .

● Inquiries
If you have any questions or questions about this privacy policy or how to use the site, please contact us below.

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