The model gym development program is a program that provides support such as training equipment and layout design to corporations and individuals who newly open gyms, provided that they cooperate as showrooms and model stores for products handled by Strength Asia. is.

Strength Asia has supported the opening of gyms in all training environments, including commercial gyms and school facilities, as well as Olympic centers, military facilities, and rehabilitation centers. Making full use of the know-how cultivated so far, we will propose the optimum gym making according to the owner's purpose and budget.

Benefits of using this program

1. Offer new equipment at a discounted price

We offer discounted prices on all products offered by Strength Asia. High-performance training equipment, which would have been difficult without large start-up funds, can be realized with a low budget.

2. Create layout design free of charge

We will create a gym design that maximizes the space available to our professional staff. We will select the most suitable equipment according to the owner's purpose and budget.

3. Invitation to the agency system

When the owner sells the products handled by Strength Asia at the store, a part of the sales can be received from us.

4. Web production / customer attraction support

We will also support other work required at the time of opening, such as website production and SNS / advertisement operation, upon request. (Consultation required for costs)

Model gym development case

Store name: FLEXER
location:〒440-0843 62, Nagayama, Higashimiyuki-cho, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi Boulangerie Amemi Joint site
Business hours: 8:00 to 22:00

Other gym development examples

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