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Treadmill FENIX - LED PLUSTreadmill FENIX - LED PLUS
Panatta Treadmill FENIX - LED PLUS
Selling price¥909,000
Accepting pre-orders
Treadmill Pininfarina-LED PlusTreadmill Pininfarina-LED Plus
Panatta Treadmill Pininfarina-LED Plus
Selling price¥1,369,000
Accepting pre-orders
Treadmill Fenix-TouchTreadmill Fenix-Touch
Panatta Treadmill Fenix-Touch
Selling price¥1,189,000
Accepting pre-orders
Treadmill Pininfarina-TouchTreadmill Pininfarina-Touch
Panatta Treadmill Pininfarina-Touch
Selling price¥1,649,000
Accepting pre-orders
Power runner EcoLinePower runner EcoLine
Panatta Power runner EcoLine
Selling price¥649,000
Accepting pre-orders
Treadmill ECOLINETreadmill ECOLINE
Panatta Treadmill ECOLINE
Selling price¥1,139,000
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