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Tredmill fenix -LED PLUSTredmill fenix -LED PLUS
Panatta Tredmill fenix -LED PLUS
Selling price¥1,091,000
Tredmill Pininfarina --LED PLUSTredmill Pininfarina --LED PLUS
Panatta Tredmill Pininfarina --LED PLUS
Selling price¥1,643,000
Accepting pre-orders
Tredmill fenix --TouchTredmill fenix --Touch
Panatta Tredmill fenix --Touch
Selling price¥1,427,000
Accepting pre-orders
Tredmill Pininfarina --TouchTredmill Pininfarina --Touch
Panatta Tredmill Pininfarina --Touch
Selling price¥1,979,000
Accepting pre-orders
Power runner EcolinePower runner Ecoline
Panatta Power runner Ecoline
Selling price¥779,000
Accepting pre-orders
¥387,000 OFF OFF
Tredmill ECOLINETredmill ECOLINE
Panatta Tredmill ECOLINE
Selling price¥903,000 Regular price¥1,290,000
The remainder 1 Only as for the unit

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