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Fit EVO series torsion machine. The FIT EVO series is a cost-effective for commercial select rising machine. Biomechanics-based functionality and design combinations provide a comfortable training environment for all users.

【Product Summary】
● Training machine targeting abdominal muscle
● Magnetically selective pins
● With illustration of usage

[Characteristics of product]
● Ensure a variable area by adjusting the start position
● One side with one side and both sides can also be done

【Product Specifications】
Width: 145 cm
Depth: 110 cm
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 175 kg
Illustrated Plate Weight: 50 kg
Optionally up to 100 kg

* Training machines / devices in PanAtta (Panatta) can be customized for frames and sheets only in case of order production. If you would like to customize, please apply for ordering.

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