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Series I Commercial Grade Urethane Dumbbells - American Barbell Gym EquipmentSeries 1 Urethane Dumbbell
American Barbell Series 1 Urethane Dumbbell
Selling price¥34,900
Series 2 Urethane Dan Bell
American Barbell Series 2 Urethane Dan Bell
Selling price¥24,900
Series 4 urethane dumbbellSeries 4 urethane dumbbell
American Barbell Series 4 urethane dumbbell
Selling price¥17,900
Remaining inventory (103 Pieces)
Hex Rubber Dan BellHex Rubber Dan Bell
American Barbell Hex Rubber Dan Bell
Selling price¥1,990
Remaining inventory (74 Pieces)
Beauty Bell Dumbbells - American Barbell Gym Equipment
American Barbell Urethane Beauty Dumbbell
Selling price¥2,490
The remainder 1 Only as for the unit

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