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Weight: 20KG - Black Graphite
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The California Bar is a 28mm barbell shaft that contains two noring marks, and is a multi -purpose barbel that can be used in all kinds of training, such as weight lifting, power lifting, cross -fit, and normal muscle training.

The American barbell shaft has a very fine laurel and has a mild touch but not slippery. Therefore, even a heavy weight training is reduced in damage to the palm.

The shaft is made of precision polishing, and the raw material is inspected each time it arrives, and the tensile strength of 190,000 pounds is always maintained. Due to these commitment to details, this product has a long -lasting performance.

The Sera Coat finish is a latest innovative technology introduced by American barbells, which has been making Olympic barbells for 40 years, and is a product that is resistant to rust and hard to be damaged. Serakoat is a finish used by major gunware manufacturers around the world and can withstand very harsh rusting environments. As a result of a corrosion test with salt, it has been shown that the Sera coat finish lasts 70 times longer with chrome finish and stainless steel.

【Product Specifications】
Use: Barbell shaft that can be used for many purposes such as weight lifting, cross fit, and strength training
Weight: 20kg,15kg
Total length: 2200mm (15kg bar is 2010mm)
Shaft diameter: 28mm(15kg bar 25mm)
Sleeve diameter: 50mm

Sleeve length: 415mm(15kg bar is 320mm)
Length between marks: 810mm and 910mm
Shaft finish: Sera coat
Sleeve finish: hard chrome
Central Lallet: None
Tensile intensity: 190,000 PSI

Rotation mechanism: busshing type
Color: Black, Zombie Green, Concrete Gray
Country of origin: USA
IWF specification

* Please note that the color of the end cap will be white instead of red.

[How to open packaging]
The US Olympic Bar of American Barbell is packed with aluminum lids. Insert the driver or the like between the lid cylinders and pull out the lid, or remove the lid using a tool such as pliers as shown in the video below.

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