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Entriting training barEntriting training bar
American Barbell Entriting training bar
Selling price¥58,600
Remaining inventory (62 Pieces)
California barThe California Bar - American Barbell Gym Equipment
American Barbell California bar
Selling price¥72,300
Remaining inventory (48 Pieces)
Grizzly power bar
American Barbell Grizzly power bar
Selling price¥94,800
Remaining inventory (18 Pieces)
Trapbar HDTrapbar HD
Kabuki Strength Trapbar HD
Selling price¥189,000
Transformer barTransformer bar
Kabuki Strength Transformer bar
Selling price¥136,250
Kabuki Strength Duffalover
Selling price¥168,000
ラバーバーベルプレート1Rubber Olympic plate
American Barbell Rubber Olympic plate
Selling price¥3,300
Remaining inventory (121 Pieces)
ウレタンバーベルプレート1Urethane Olympic plate
American Barbell Urethane Olympic plate
Selling price¥4,600
Remaining inventory (51 Pieces)
バンパープレート1Sports bumper plate (black)
American Barbell Sports bumper plate (black)
Selling price¥14,800
Remaining inventory (52 Pieces)
バンパープレート1Sports bumper plate (color)
American Barbell Sports bumper plate (color)
Selling price¥27,300
Remaining inventory (37 Pieces)
バンパープレート1Training plate
American Barbell Training plate
Selling price¥37,300
Remaining inventory (51 Pieces)
Urethane Pro Series Plate (Color)Urethane Pro Series Plate (Color)
American Barbell Urethane Pro Series Plate (Color)
Selling price¥59,800
Remaining inventory (108 Pieces)
Multiple Adjustable Bench 0-75 Degree - Black Upholstery - American Barbell Gym EquipmentMultiple adjustable bench
American Barbell Multiple adjustable bench
Selling price¥134,800
Remaining inventory (19 Pieces)
Monster Light HarfallacMonster Light Harfallac
Rogue Fitness Monster Light Harfallac
Selling price¥379,000
The remainder 2 Only as for the unit
RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0
Rogue Fitness RM-6 Monster Rack 2.0
Selling price¥772,500
The remainder 2 Only as for the unit
Silencer padSilencer pad
American Barbell Silencer pad
Selling price¥74,800
Remaining inventory (8 Pieces)
Olympic platformOlympic platform
American Barbell Olympic platform
Selling price¥198,700
The remainder 4 Only as for the unit
Series 4 Urethane DanbellSeries 4 Urethane Danbell
American Barbell Series 4 Urethane Danbell
Selling price¥22,300
Remaining inventory (75 Pieces)
Hex rubber dumbbellHex rubber dumbbell
American Barbell Hex rubber dumbbell
Selling price¥2,400
Remaining inventory (54 Pieces)
Backwidow by Flex WheelerBackwidow by Flex Wheeler
Kabuki Strength Backwidow by Flex Wheeler
Selling price¥89,000
Remaining inventory (7 Pieces)

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