Dual Adjustable Puller

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The Dual Adjustable pulley of Arsenal Strength (Arsenalist Length) is designed to allow 34 height adjustments to 7 gauge frames and can do various training. Two cable stations each have a 250-pound weight stack and can adjust load freely in any workout. As a storage place for attachmentTwo storage trays with four hooks are also equipped with standards.

Product Specifications】
-Compact design
-Multiglip pull-up bar
-34 levels can be adjusted
-250 pounds of weight stack x 2
-Strage tray for attachment storage

Dimensions: Width 196 cm (During delivery 130 cm) x Depth 84 cm x Height 239 cm (shipping 247 cm)
Weight: 657 kg 

※ Training machine / instrument of Arsenal Strength (Arsenalist Length) can customize color only if you are ordering order. If you would like to customize, please apply for ordering. Frames and sheet colors are usually all black.

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